Hospital de Llevant, specialist 24-hour emergency service in Mallorca. The 24-hour Emergency service at the Hospital Llevant (Parque Hospitales), has a vastly experienced team of emergency doctors on the island, with field specific training, able to respond to any situation. This service aims to provide immediate medical care to the residents and visitors in Comarca de Llevant, with the professional resources and precise techniques required to meet all of our patients’ needs.


The facilities at our centre in Porto Cristo have a specialist emergency care point that is open 24-hours a day in Mallorca, 365 days a year, being able to deal with any condition, from minor injuries to those that require hospitalisation. 

Our doctors will treat the urgent conditions of patients who arrive at our centre or who are referred by other specialists at the hospital. Our service also has care units for children and adult patients with a clinical analysis service, radiology, and additional testing available.

The unit covers all kinds of medical, surgical, and gynaecological conditions as well as fractures.

The care offered by our emergency doctors at Porto Cristo is supported by our qualified nursing professionals, as well as the medical assistance team at our Intensive Care Unit, who provide a 24-hour emergency service, 365 days a year.

24-hour emergency service in Mallorca at Hospital de Llevant


We know that a visit to A&E can be a scary experience for children, having to be exposed to adult injuries and illnesses. At the accident and emergency unit in Mallorca at our Hospital de Llevant, Parque Hospitales, we offer children and youngsters their own space.  

We have a separate paediatric emergency area with a fully equipped waiting room with toys and child-friendly decorations that aim to create a relaxed and pleasant environment for children and their accompanying relatives.

The team working in this Unit specialises in attending younger patients, they are experts who will manage and understand the fears and anxieties that children go through in these kinds of situations. 

Paediatric emergency service in Mallorca at Hospital de Llevant