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Hospital Parque Llevant

The Hospital Parque Llevant is the latest hospital to join the Hospitales Parque group. This hospital complex offers excellent medical and surgical care, has a wide range of outpatient care, and a complete accident and emergency service.

The Hospital de Llevant has a wide range of services and innovative, cutting edge technology to offer a quality service and personalised attention to each and every one of our patients. At the Hospital de Llevant we are open to the public 365 days a year, 24-hours a day.

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Hospital in Porto Cristo


The Hospital Parque Llevant offers patients a vast array of top-quality healthcare with a professional, committed, and highly qualified team. Our medical professionals have a wealth of recognised medical prestige in the healthcare sector and work every day to offer the best possible technical assistance and personal treatment.

Our hospital is committed to its patients and continuously seeks excellence in each one of its specialities. The hospital’s medical services are also able to meet the vast majority of our patients’ needs, with the best health guarantees and a quality care service.

With over 120,000 local residents, the Hospital Parque Llevant has become the leading private hospital in the area, receiving patients every day from across the island of Mallorca.

For us, quality and quick attention is essential. We are constantly working to ensure that we offer a personal, qualified, and quality service.

Additionally, at the Hospital Parque Llevant we have the latest healthcare technology to ensure that our patients have access to any service, medical test, or treatment that they may need without having to move or make another appointment.

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